Michele Jogee RN, Head of Homecare

Michele Jogee RN, Head of Homecare


    Good morning/evening, I am Michele Jogee. I have a specialist care background spanning over many years as a nurse, my journey has taken me through the heart of London’s private and community healthcare sectors. At HP Homecare, my commitment is to extend an unparalleled level of private care, understanding the unique demands and intricacies of managing comprehensive home care services to London families seeking care at home.

    I am here to assist you, leveraging my deep understanding of cultural and religious sensitivities essential for the harmonious operation of your London home. Whether you or your loved one is transitioning home from a hospital stay, adjusting to new care requirements, or have any questions about our care at home services, I’m here to ensure your experience is seamless, respectful, and immediate.

    Fluent in both English and French and currently enjoying learning Arabic.

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