Palliative Care for Dementia-Related Conditions

Palliative Care for Dementia-Related Conditions

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Our Palliative Care for Dementia-Related Conditions service is committed to providing specialised support for individuals facing the complexities of dementia. Understanding the unique challenges posed by dementia, our approach is holistic, focusing on improving the quality of life for both the individual and their family through compassionate care, symptom management, and emotional support.


Personalised Comfort Care

We prioritise the comfort and dignity of those with dementia, offering care that addresses physical symptoms as well as emotional and spiritual needs, ensuring a peaceful and respectful experience.

Symptom Management

Our care team is skilled in managing the diverse symptoms associated with dementia, including physical discomfort, cognitive changes, and behavioural issues, with a focus on non-pharmacological approaches wherever possible.

Psychological Support

Recognizing the emotional impact of dementia, we offer psychological support not only to individuals with dementia but also to their families and caregivers, providing guidance, counselling, and practical advice to navigate this challenging journey.

Family and Caregiver Support

We provide extensive support and resources for families and caregivers, including education about dementia, coping strategies for behavioural changes, and assistance with care coordination and decision-making.


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