The Difference Between Basic and Premium Private Care

The Difference Between Basic and Premium Private Care

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The Essence of Private Homecare

Private homecare represents a pivotal service designed to provide patients with either practical support through carers or clinical support through registered nurses, directly in their homes. This foundational service is aimed at preventing or minimizing the need for Hospitalisation or institutionalized care facilities.

An in-depth look at private homecare, outlining the fundamental differences between Basic and Premium services, focusing on resource availability, skill levels, and personalised care.

Basic Care vs Premium Care

It's different. Premium Homecare goes beyond.

Basic Private Care

Resource Availability
Basic resources for essential homecare needs
Skills and Experience
Fundamental qualifications and experience
Time with Clients
Standard time allocated
Personal Care Role
Covers essential homecare needs

Premium Private Care

Resource Availability
Relatively abundant resources, including advanced equipment
Skills and Experience
Higher qualifications, specialised skills, and extensive experience
Time with Clients
Extended time, allowing for deeper understanding and personalised care
Personal Care Role
Expanded role including comprehensive lifestyle support and advanced clinical care


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