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Post Hospital Care

Post Hospital Care.

At HP Homecare, we excel in providing comprehensive post-hospital care services to support patients as they transition from the hospital setting back to the comfort of their own homes. Our primary focus lies in ensuring a seamless and effective recovery process tailored to each individual's unique needs.

Our team of highly qualified, compassionate, and dedicated specialist nurses and carers are meticulously chosen based on their skills, experience, and ability to connect with our clients on a personal level. We take great care in matching our staff with clients based on shared interests and personalities to foster a nurturing and supportive environment.

To guarantee a smooth and safe transition from hospital to home, we work hand-in-hand with our clients' medical teams, including their GPs, consultants, and therapists. By maintaining open lines of communication and collaboration, we are able to develop and implement customized care plans that address both clinical and personal requirements.

The benefits of receiving care at home cannot be overstated. Surrounded by familiar settings and loved ones, our clients can maintain their sense of identity while receiving the expert clinical treatment and personal care they need to thrive. The comfort of home has been proven to enhance overall wellbeing and quality of life, regardless of the prognosis.

Some key aspects of our post-hospital care services include:

  • Personalized Care Plans: Tailored to meet each client's specific clinical and personal needs
  • Qualified Staff: Highly trained specialist nurses and carers with relevant experience and interpersonal skills
  • Collaborative Approach: Close collaboration with clients' GPs, consultants, and therapists for a seamless transition
  • Home Comforts: Promoting wellbeing and quality of life through the familiarity of home surroundings

  • To learn more about our post-hospital care services, we invite you to submit an enquiry through our website. Alternatively, our oncall Homecare team and Director of Homecare Services, Michele Jogee, are always available for a confidential phone conversation to discuss your specific needs and provide valuable advice. We are committed to helping you navigate this challenging time with ease and peace of mind.

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