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Diabetes management

Diabetes is a common condition characterized by high levels of glucose in the blood. There are two main types – Type 1 diabetes where the body fails to produce any insulin, and Type 2 diabetes where the body produces insulin but fails to manage it effectively. It is estimated that diabetes affects around 4 million people in the UK, and most people diagnosed with the condition are able to manage with minimal external care requirements. For the older population, however, there might be a need for additional support to manage the condition effectively.

At our HP Homecare company, we specialize in providing Diabetes management at home with the help of our:

  • Carefully selected, trained, and experienced specialist nurses and carers who have the skills and experience required to meet our clients' clinical and personal needs. We endeavor to complement their characters and interests with their clients.
  • Personalized care plans tailored to each client's individual needs, taking into account their unique preferences and medical history.
  • Close collaboration with clients' GPs, consultants, and therapists to ensure the transition from hospital to home is safe, secure, and successful.
  • Continuous monitoring and adjustments to the care plan, as needed, to ensure the most effective management of diabetes.
  • Education and support for clients and their families to better understand and manage diabetes at home.

  • When illness onsets, being cared for at home can make a significant positive difference to wellbeing and quality of life, whatever the prognosis. Familiarity of surroundings means that our clients can retain their sense of identity whilst receiving the clinical treatment and care that they need.

    To learn more about our post-hospital care services, we invite you to submit an enquiry through our website. Alternatively, our oncall Homecare team and Director of Homecare Services, Michele Jogee, are always available for a confidential phone conversation to discuss your specific needs and provide valuable advice. We are committed to helping you navigate this challenging time with ease and peace of mind. We are dedicated to providing the best possible diabetes management at home, ensuring our clients can lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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