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Homecare Costs

Is private home nursing/care expensive and, if so, why?

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Why it's more expensive.

We are always looking for people to meet the very high standards we set for our service and there is a high indirect cost of the management time in doing this. It is not simply a matter of advertising a post and paying a high salary as an incentive - it is far more complex than that and requires real dedication to the clients/patients and the service as well as a natural talent for vetting and intuitively knowing who is right for us and who isn’t. This is something our director of homecare services, Michele, naturally has aplenty.

The starting hourly rates for carers and nurses

For your information, hourly rates for carers begin at £24.00 an hour and for nurses at £42.29 an hour.

What alternatives are there to a premium home nursing service?

Social care companies offer short visits as well as live-in care as alternatives to hourly care. If it’s more complex, the NHS will have ways to contact other companies to provide the care.

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