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Extra Mile for HP

Going the extra mile, and why it’s fundamental to HP Homecare

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How we measure the nuances of the extra mile.

As we have established, what distinguishes our home care service (especially in terms of the personal touch) is going the extra mile. However, the challenge for us or any homecare service is that the extra mile is an intangible concept with no measurable standards. Yet, the extra mile is infinite in its potential, reach, and is vital to the delivery of our premium service. We therefore had to apply lateral thinking to the situation which resulted in implementing a monthly reward scheme to recognise anyone in the company who goes above and beyond the demands of their role. They do this by bringing some of their unique personality and personal skills to their role in homecare services.

This is relevant to all involved in homecare services, whether they be on the front line (nurses, carers and office administration team members who deal direct with patients and their families) or those in the background, providing the support on which other team members are able to stand and build and without which everything might otherwise crumble. Examples of going the extra mile are numerous and these account for most of the positive feedback we get from our clients and their families. They can be specific actions or a collection of actions and attitudes.

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